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How to through the outlook and hand feeling to identify the type of paint roller fabric?

PET: Polyester(polyethylene terephthalate) 

Polyester, American called Dacron. Australian called stretcher cover. We always called this terylene . This paint roller fabric is the first great fabric in synthetic fiber. How could we identify of this fabric? 

First. From the outlook of the polyester paint roller fabric pic. We can see the floating-hair on the fabric surface. Just like the Chinlon. But more rough than Chinlon. On the bottom of the fabric. We cannot see clearly the fabric bar. Second. From touching. If you press the fabric, you would feel the elasticity of the paint roller fabric. And In general, the polyester paint roller fabric always be one color dyeing or just be the original white color.


PA: Polyamide(Nylon) 

American called Nylon. German prefer to Perlon. And Amilan named by Japanese. The fabric can provide the super wear resistance. The wear resistance is the best in textile fiber. This fabric can easy to identify.  

First of all. From hand feeling of the paint roller fabric surface. Pushing down the fabric, you will feel stiff and hard. If you rub against the fabric surface, you will also feel hard and abrasive with the high fiction. Then when we put paint roller fabric under the light, the fabric would reflect light and the silk become shiny.



Nylon belong to Chinlon. Chinlon is the best paint roller fabric in textile fiber. As the best of the fabric. We need to know how to identify of this.

To begin with, From the appearance of the paint roller fabric surface. We can see some floating-hair on the surface. And we can clearly see the fabric bar on the bottom of the fabric. For another. When you rub against the paint roller fabric, your hand will have heavy and chill feeling.


PVN: Acrylic(polyacrylonitrile)

Someone called Orlon or cashmerelon. Always called Acrylic. And this is the most common paint roller fabric used in roller brush. Roller brush exporters prefer to use this kind of fabric to produce paint roller. What this kind of paint roller fabric look like?

Due to the acrylic good dyeing properties, the fabrics color will appear more bright than the other paint roller fabric. When you touch roller fabric surface, you would feel soft touching. Besides. If paint roller fabric in white, you would have the click feeling. And If the fabric is one color dyeing, you just feel the surface is soft. The click feeling will disappear. Cause the fabric in color could use the softener before dyeing. Last but not at least. On the bottom of roller fabric, you can see clearly paint roller fabric bar.